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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Detroit as a Sports Town

I would have to say that Detroit is one of the best sports towns out there. We have all the major US sports. The Red Wings (hockey), Lions (football), Pistons (NBA basketball), Tigers (baseball), Shock (WNBA) basketball, Michigan State University and University of Micigan.

Between these teams the only one to not be constantly sold out is the Tigers. To get tickets to just about any other game is difficult and can cost you and arm and a leg.

Lets talk sucess in the past 10 years.
- The Red Wings have 3 Stanley Cups and 2 Presidents Trophies.
- Pistons have set several NBA records this season and one again have made it to the conference finals.
- Shock are the WNBA Champions. They have the coach of the year to boot.
- MSU mens basketball was and NCAA Champion and has won many conference chamionships.
- U of M was a football NCAA Champion and is amazing at many of it's sports.

Detroit is known for being overweight these days being the reigning nations champion there. It is cold half the year and I mean cold. So, we spend hours and hours watching sports and checking for the up to date scores and stats. If only the boss new.

As far as the fans go the Lions fans are the perfect example of that. They have been below .500 every year for the past several years. Yet, every game is sold out. And the fans are out there with faces painted rooting the team on to the bitter end. Every year after the draft and trades there is hope for the Lions in the eyes of the city. But, this year it isn't just hope; it's reality ;-)

Detroit is really a sports town. One of the best sports towns. We have all the drama of a soap (just looka the cujo and hasek goalie delima that drove us nuts for the year), the glory of a championship (the wings for example), and the hope behind a rebuilding (Lions and Tigers). We have all the parts for all the kinds of fans.

Go Pistons!!!!!!!!!!! Crush those Pacers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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