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Monday, June 07, 2004

Another Dating Crash and Burn

On Friday night I introduced my buddy to this girl. They hit it off really well. We stayed at the bar for over 4 hours and they even made date plans for the following Monday. At the end of the night he walked her to the car and even got a good night kiss. The next day it went all wrong.....

In the middle of the day on Saturday she called him to say she had a great time. While he was talking to her he got another call. He quickly talked to the other person and came back. But, he told this new girl that the woman he had just talked to was an ex-booty call that was just sex and now they are friends but nothing else. (Way to much info the day after you meet a girl)

My girl put the move this way. It turned him looking like a steak dinner with the works on a nice plate to looking like a steak that had been thrown on a trash can lid. Looks good if your still hungry.

Then, she had plans with one of her girl friends for the day on Saturday. He tried talking her into canceling on her girlfriend and moving up seeing her to that day. Asking a girl she just met to cancel on one of her girls is a no-no.

And finially, He called her like 4 times the day after he met her. That is over doing it. He got overzelous and scared her off.

3 Strikes and Your Out.

In a matter of a few hours he managed to go from being golden with her to her not wanting to talk to him again. I even tried to tell him what not to do. Everything I told him not to do he did. Ah well, another one bites the dust


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