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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Fight Against US Patent Office

After reading yesterday about how Microsoft just recieved a patent for double clicking your mouse I got a little pissed. How can something that has been out for so long with all the prior art get a patent approved?

I also know that the US Patent Office has been approving patents with prior art for some time especially in the area of software. It seems that there needs to be some big reform there. They either have out dated policies, are under staffed, are inappropriately staffed or some combination of all of these.

These patents on software with prior art seem to mostly (at least from what I have seen) been by big corperations who have the money and power to use it to squash the little guy.

Microsoft even has gone so far as to say they will use this patent portfolio to make money. So, they patent things with prior art then go after other companies (easily the small ones) and make money on it. That is CRAP!!!!!

I even just went back to the article I read about Microsoft and the double click patent and the story has been removed for some reason. A day after I read it.

I believe we need to contact our congress people (have to stay PC) and senators and let them know we need the reform. Public outcry can get reactions.

There is a petition online that deals with software patents. I don't know if I agree with the course of the petition. It may be asking too much but it's a place to start. It's the Petition Against Software Patents. I encourage everyone to sign it. We need reform.

Patents weren't designed to be tied up in the legal system. They were designed to protect those who created. Not for lawyers to make a lot of money getting in place and fighting. Or to have the big guy squash the little guy.


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