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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Jenn on Dating

Jenn who is the first comment to my blog from yesterday said..

I feel that anyone who needs to meet girls or court girls according to a list of rules has no game to start with and shouldn't even be dating for the sheer fact that they must have social issues.

She and I also exchanged many other emails yesterday about this. She doesn't think someone should follow a list of rules. But....

If a guy calls too much she wouldn't give him the time (reason for 2 day rule)

If a guy isn't confident with her he doesn't stand a chance

If a guy has bad hygiene then she wouldn't give him the time of day

She is in to fashion a bit and if a guy notices something like cute shoes it's big points

She says that if guys follow these rules it's bad. But she expects guys to do all these things anyway. So, if you just do them or if you follow the rules but don't say then it's the same result. What she likes.

I think the biggest plus for the rules is well....they worked on Jenn.

You do those things and follow any "rules" to force yourself to not call to often and notice the little psychological things that give that little extra edge when you first start dating.

If they didn't work they wouldn't have lasted as long as they have and have such a following. I have followed them and they work.

As far as the anonymous comment from yesterday. Well, the idea isn't to let her trample you but to get in her head.

Jenn is now blogging. Check her out at

Oh, and that is her real God given name. Lucky girl.


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