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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Music and Money on the Bounce Back, What?!?!?!?!

So, are music sales bouncing back? Well, at least some areas are. Check it out.

So, where should I complain that it's country that rising and not pop. Toby Keith or Britney Spears. Go Toby. At least you have something to say. Although Britney is so much better to look at.

I also realized that this is a sign that the economy is really getting back on track. People have more disposable income to buy more.

So, I decided to track down some numbers on the economy. Here they are:

"At least 2.4 million jobs have been created since the president took office, 2 million of those in 2003. The gains more than offset the losses."

"The 5.6 percent unemployment rate is the lowest in two years and below the average of the 1980s (7.3 percent) and '90s (5.8 percent)..."

And there is a lot more. Guess we are not that bad off economically. Hey, I got a raise this year. Wooohooo.

Some articles with info:

This one has conservative undertones but has lots of straight up facts

For some numbers, not just for the U.S. and it looks good

More people have jobs and where I work is constantly hiring for now. So, we're not so bad off and things are getting better.


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