The Ramblings of the Millahtime Man

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Describing Women

Ok, so I am on the phone last night and one of the friends who is a girl really got on my nerves. She said that she has a friend she wants to introduce me to. So, I ask her to describe her. She tells me she is a nice girl. The way she is describing her sounds like she is avoiding things... like this girl is homely and boring. So, I ask to describe her looks, cause well we men are physically attracted way more than women (which is a genetic thing and science can actually show why) and she starts telling me about how soft her skin is. So, the image I have in my mind is a nice, homely, large woman. I am now totally turned off.

So, I dig deep on specifics... turns out the girl is very active in doing things, intelegant, has goals, a great job and is medium height redhead with a skinny waist and huge rack. But she never told me that. If I hadn't dug deeper with specific questions I would have had totally the wrong picture.

Women, when you describe someone to your male friends cut to the chase and talk specifics. Talking emotions to describe someone just doesn't cut the mustard for men. Learn to speak a little man. I know I have had to learn to speak a little woman to convey my point.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

US Job Market

With the the election coming up there is a lot of talk about the job market. So, what is the deal with the job market. I keep reading that it isn't doing very well and that all kinds of jobs are being sent over seas. Well, here is what I have learned and know....

Every 10 years we have a depression or recession. Some bad decissions were made during the 90's that led to this recession taking a hit. Decissions like Enron and Worldcom. Then there was the World Trade Center that hurt the economy. All these things just left us with a longer running recession.

The unemployment rate is 5.4% and slowly falling and September 2004 added 155,000 jobs. Personally I don't know anyone over the age of 18, who is not in school, who is not retired or a stay at homer in a family who does not have a job. The jobs they have may not be high paying but that is due to their own doing.

The company I work for is hiring like I have never seen before. All of the people I went through college with in my major have jobs. All of my friends from college have jobs and make a good living.

So, I am stuck here looking for where this problem is???? Is it just media over blown???

Note: Job markets fluxuate. Certain jobs have increases while others have decreases. That is the nature of the beast. I am talking overall job market.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Pres and Gas Prices

I know it has been some time since I have written. Been busy but I'm back now and I am going straight to my view on the current Presidential Campaign. I have noticed many people misinformed when it comes to voting and what the Pres can and can't do.

A few days ago I was talking to another person who is going to vote for the Pres based on gas prices. And I go to thinking about why the prices are what they are, how do they compare to inflation and what does the Pres have to do with it.

Well, when gas prices are compared to inflation it isn't all that bad. The all time high in today's dollars is about $3 per gallon. Where I am at in Michigan the rates are under $2 per gallon. Not too bad there. The prices were just kept low for so long that eventually there was going to be a bit of an increase to catch up to inflation.

Then there is the issue of why gas prices are on the rise. Inflation isn't the only reason. There is the supply and demand for oil issue. Turns out that the oil producing countries are producing more oil than they ever have before. But the demand is on the increase. Well, China has about 1 billion people who are now having a better lifestyle and more cars. They are demanding more gas. So, as far as supply and demand go... there is more demand then there used to be even though more gas is being supplied.

How does the President fall into this? Iraq maybe...... but No. Going into Iraq made little to no change in oil production and has done nothing for the US. And if you think we went over there for oil then your nuts. So, what can the Pres do for oil???? Pretty much nothing. So, electing the pres based on the price of gas won't make a difference... even if a candidate says so.

For anyone who doesn't know... oil is a key ingredient in gas. That is how the two tie together.

So, how do we solve this problem. We could find more sources of oil, take out the competition for the oil or get onto technologies that don't rely on oil. For this to work consumers would have to be really interested in the alternatives and that is one of the big holdups. Consumers may say they want lower gas prices and more nature friendly alternatives but when push comes to shove they don't want to give up their gas.

So, in conclusion to my ramblings... the Pres can't really affect your gas prices so if your basing your vote on that it might be time to reconsider why your voting for your candidate.