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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My problem with the Kerry Campaign

As I have been reading the articles and seeing the interviews on TV there was something I noticed that bothered me. I noticed this more in the Kerry campaign than the Bush campaign. What I hear out of Kerry is Bush bashing most of the time. Not that this isn't something you are going to hear no matter what but that is all I keep reading and hearing.

So, me being someone who likes to make educated decisions hears Kerry bashing Bush, while at the same time I have gone and done the research as to his record in congress. I here little of what he is going to do. I am not saying he that he isn't going to do much, just I have not herd much about it. What I have herd is BS.

Some will tell me that this is just not true. I have herd Kerry tell me what he believes in but not what he is going to do. Personally, I want an active president and not a passive one. I want a man who will tackle what he has the power to tackle and not sit on his hands.

So, I know that Kerry bashes Bush, in his congressional career he has swaped sides on the issues many times and has done little but complaign. What is he going to do in office? How will he personally make this country a better place? And do it in the areas he has the power to make change. I don't have a clue.

I have herd that he has said he will add many new jobs. The only way he can do that directly is through expanding the executive branch of the government and hiring them himself. That is requires more taxes to pay these people. Other than that he does not have the power.

I have herd him say we have a coutry health care plan. That costs a lot of money and puts my health care in the hands of politicians. I don't have an HMO because I like having the power to make my own decision and not having to get permission from people. Politicians will most likely be as bad or worse than a big HMO which everyone already complaigns about. How will this be an improvement? Where does our constitution give health care as a right? How is health care a right? This will never get anywhere anyway because of the health care lobby.

I have herd him say he will get perscription drugs from Canada to the US. Canada has 2% of the worlds perscription drugs and the US has 50%. They simply don't have the infrastructure to support the US.

I have herd him on the military and war. Kerrys record is for cuts to the military all of the time. He has always been for cutting back the military. Not, making it more cost effective but for cuts. When it came to battle he tried to get out as soon as possible, came home and complaigned. In a world where the US military is not the dominant machine it used to be and many others are catching up quick or are almost there in 4 years we likely might not be the top military force around. And that would mean we are open to attack. Fear of our military to stop people would no longer be a factor.

So, There are issues. In ways many people don't think about. I know I am like everyone else and want the future Pres to give me what I want now. But, his job is to look out for our best interests with the military. He also controls some federal funds and leads his political party. But, will Kerry do anything. I havn't herd a legitimate thing that will fly.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The media is saying what!?!?!?!

One of the first things I do in the morning is check all the local and national news websites to see what is going on in the world. I hit like a dozen or so and skim the stories. Many are the same but different sites pick up some of the fringe things going on.

I have noticed lately that a number of stories are targeted at bush and many are discussing the hot topics but not in a very good light. The news media is supposed to report the news but are obviously putting their own personal views into it.

I did a count to the number of Kerry stories vs the number of Bush stories on some of the sites. They were 1/3 Kerry and 2/3 Bush. The stories that dealt with Kerry were talking about what he said about bush and where he was campaigning. The Bush stories talked about these same things but there were many more digging into his record and leading the info down a path so people will draw conclusions.

There is an obvious bias going on. What they have as opinions for the candidates is not up for them to put in their front page stories. Editorials, sure, fine. But, in all of the regular articles there should be fairness and equality despiute their views. And, I'll grant that is not easy to do but at the same time it is so obvious that you can tell they aren't trying.

The media is not reporting the news on this, they are reporting their point of view and their political views. I want to draw my own conclusions from the information. Stop giving me your point of view and give me the facts.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Our Biggest Enemy is.....

Many people call out our enemies. They call out Saddam, North Korea, Russia, Democrats, Republicans, Mass Media, Satan and many more things as being our biggest enemy. By biggest enemy I mean the thing we are fighting against in both military, beliefs and ways of life. Who is that enemy?

In church growing up I was told to watch out for the devil and his minions. But, is that really our biggest enemy? Is that really who our biggest fight is against? I would say No.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. For me, many times I go after what I want and not what is good for me or what I need. I may want the very thing that is going to kill me. For smokers that is the exact truth. They want to smoke. It is bad for them and a constant struggle if someone wants to stop. But, they are doing it to themselves. They are making the decision to smoke. To blame the cigarette company for putting them out doesn't take into account that smokers are the ones who by and smoke them. Blaming someone else is just not taking responsibility for your actions.

It's the same thing with Satan/Devil. He can lead someone to water but they have to choose to drink. The church calls this our sinful nature.

When it comes to mass media the same thing applies. The kid downloads porn or watches it on tv because he wants to, then when he has a degraded view of women it is based on his own poor decisions.

When it comes to society things such as war, religion, etc all this is happening is that mob mentality is being put our desires. People sign up with groups that feed what they want and go after it. A mob mentality to what I want. What does the group want. Not, what is best for the group but what it wants.

An example would be in the signs of a colapsing society. There are many factors that weighed in on the societies of the past failing. Most of these same factors can be attributed to our wants and not what is good for us. And these things are once again poping up in society. Even though we know they have lead down the path to the downfall of a society many many times we still pursue them becuase we want them.

So, our biggest enemy is ourselves. For many it's a constant struggles, for others they have signed off as a loss and given in. No one ever wins this struggle because it faces us our entire lives. How do we fight this struggle? Many people have their own way, but for me it's the man upstairs (the GOD). Whatever someones way of fighting this struggle is, we still need to fight it for our sakes and for the sakes of those we care about around us.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Helping People

So, I as the elections are coming up there are a lot of different issues being argued. One of the big ones that comes up actually crosses multiple issues. Helping people. Whether it's with education or with the Bush initiative to give money to religious orginizations to help the needy.

I see one big problem with all of this. No matter how the dice fall we want to have the government do our helping for us. Whether it's with John Kerry who wants bigger government to go out and do these things or with Bush who wants to use the gonvernemts money to have other orginizations go out and do them, we (the average joe) the people are still not part of it.

Helping people is a personal thing. To help someone is to help someone near you and they in tern can help people around them. It's about me and others going down to detroit and helping with habitat for humanity to build homes for people. It's about me helping my little sister with her homework.

Helping people is not about putting it off on the government, religious orginizations or other non-profits. We may use them as a means to orginize our efforts to help people but we can't put it on them. Helping people should be part of us and our everyday lives.

We complain about education, the slums and a million other things. We ask the governemtn to fix these things. They just can't. The only real answer is that we all need to go out and help each other. Some people may only be able to help a little while others can help a lot. The point is for everyone to try. And, if we do, then eventually we will get to where we need to be.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What's going on with the Military Draft

I have herd many things about the US miliraty draft lately. Several people have asked me to sign petitions about to stop it.

Most of these people have told me it was the Republicans and Bush that were trying to get the draft going. Well, it was actually sponsored by Democrat Charles Rangel (NY).

Another interesting note was that it was shot down recently.

So, it was a democrat that sponsored it and it has already been voted down. Worried, I think not.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

John Kerry the hypocrite

I was watching the final Bush Vs. Kerry debate and on one of his answers, Kerry, was a complete hypocrite. I am not going to debate who was correct on the issue but point out that Kerry was a hypocrite in his own answer.

The question was on the issue of abortion. John Kerry supports abortion (and I am not going to nock this) but he used his faith to support his belief in abortion. He is a Catholic and the Catholic stance is that abortion is wrong and not a right. John Kerry says he believes it is a right and tried to use his faith to justify that.

This shows that Kerry is a man who does not follow his own religion but is trying to use it as leverage for political gain. He is acting as a man of little faith.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Flu Shot Shortage

I was at and they had a poll on who is to blame for the flu shot shortage. The top answer was private industry (as in the producers of the shot) followed closely by no ones fault. The other one of note with a decent percentage and that was the federal government.

My vote goes for private industry and the reason is simple. From the simple economic theory of supply and demand. If you do the simple supply and demand curves you will see that this year they are not meeting the point they should be. There is not nearly enough supply to meet the demand. Not even close.

As to blame it on the government or say it's no ones fault, well that is just not true. If the producers of the flu shot followed supply and demand then they would have produced more and would have reaped the profits. That is the nature of our economy. In our society something like this isn't regulated by the government it's done by society itself in this mass economic machine we live in.

If you want a cure for flu.... well your out of luck. Rest, lots of fluids and time is the only things that can really help. More info on the flu here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ten Commandments and the Court

I was reading today about how the supreme court is taking up the debate of the ten commandments being displayed on federal buildings.

There is talk that the ten commandments that are in many court houses should be taken down. I have to say that removing them is crap and here is why.

What does the ammendment in question on this actually say....

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

By having the ten commandments hanging on the wall they are not making or dealing with a law establishing a country wide religion. The courts can't even make laws. So, displaying this has no lawful basis as to whether it can be there or not. Taking them down might even be considered getting in the way of their freedom of expression or speech.

So, it's a matter of preference. And well the courts are not to make rulings on preference. They are to make rulings about law. End of story.

So, if you don't like it... Then get over it. There are many more important things in life for you to be concerned with. Cause hey, you are probably an atheist or agnostic and with your beliefs your time on earth is all you got so I would tell you not to be concerned with this stuff and enjoy yourself while you can.

I can't stand [insert candidate name here]

I keep hearing people say things like "Bush is stupid," or "Kerry is an idiot," or "I hate Bush." We all have our political ideals but for many it seems to have gotten very personal.

I was talking to a friend the other day and we got on the topic of politics. She told me she was going to vote for Kerry. When I asked why her response was that Bush sucks, is an idiot and she hates him. She isn't voting for Kerry because she likes his politics or because she doesn't like the politics or decisions that Bush has made. She is doing it because she has gotten herself to believe that Bush is a bad person and has gotten herself to hate him.

Personally she doesn't know Bush. She has never met him and all she knows is what she has read in the paper or seen on TV (and she has paid little attention to these). So, how can she hate him? She doesn't even know the man. To hate is a very strong deep thing that has a significant amount of emotion behind them.

In reality neither Bush or Kerry are stupid nor are they bad men. If you don't know them how can you hate them? They are both highly educated. They are both nice men according to the people that know them.

So, it comes down to political reasons. I may disagree with the politics of Bush and Kerry on the issues and that is fine. But, I will not say I hate them or that someone is a idiot or tear into them personally. To act that way shows a lack of intelegence and maturity.

So, if you vote for Kerry or Bush or someone else, do it because you agree or don't agree with the politics. Not because you don't think you like the person. We need to vote for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Friday, October 08, 2004

WMD Stockpiles

I keep hearing in the news that in Iraq they haven't found Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) stockpiles. Well, is WMD stockpiles what they are looking for and are WMDs actually stored in stockpiles? I have yet to hear about this in the news or read it anywhere.

A couple years ago on TLC or Discovery or one of those other information channels I saw a program that talked about just this. It was before we ever went over to Iraq to take Saddam out. This program stuck with me and got me to do a little research of my own.

WMDs are not stored in stockpiles anymore. They haven't been for many years (as in more than 10). What is still in the stockpiles that the US might have would be because they don't have a nice way to dispose of it. The technology is now in the ability to produce WMDs. Take chemical or bio weapons. A lab the size of a semi could produce enough chemical or bio weapons to take out a cite the size of New York in 2 days of production. No military power is producing WMD and stockpiling it anymore. Technologically we have moved beyond that point.

So, will there be stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq? No. Will they find WMDs in Iraq? Yes, and they have. What have they found? They have found the lab equipment and other technology needed to produce the WMDs just as you would find if the same inspections were done in the US, Russia or other military power (which Iraq was). They have also found sarin gas bombs in Iraq which means that equipment has been used and some agents have been produced. This is just one example.

Now, the shortcoming here has been with the media. The media has not conveyed what the current state of WMDs in the world is. So, people make their assumptions on what they know which is that of cold war technology that is 20 years old.

So, did Iraq have WMDs in the way of chemical and bio weapons based on the modern technology in the world? Yes.