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Friday, October 22, 2004

Helping People

So, I as the elections are coming up there are a lot of different issues being argued. One of the big ones that comes up actually crosses multiple issues. Helping people. Whether it's with education or with the Bush initiative to give money to religious orginizations to help the needy.

I see one big problem with all of this. No matter how the dice fall we want to have the government do our helping for us. Whether it's with John Kerry who wants bigger government to go out and do these things or with Bush who wants to use the gonvernemts money to have other orginizations go out and do them, we (the average joe) the people are still not part of it.

Helping people is a personal thing. To help someone is to help someone near you and they in tern can help people around them. It's about me and others going down to detroit and helping with habitat for humanity to build homes for people. It's about me helping my little sister with her homework.

Helping people is not about putting it off on the government, religious orginizations or other non-profits. We may use them as a means to orginize our efforts to help people but we can't put it on them. Helping people should be part of us and our everyday lives.

We complain about education, the slums and a million other things. We ask the governemtn to fix these things. They just can't. The only real answer is that we all need to go out and help each other. Some people may only be able to help a little while others can help a lot. The point is for everyone to try. And, if we do, then eventually we will get to where we need to be.


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