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Monday, October 25, 2004

Our Biggest Enemy is.....

Many people call out our enemies. They call out Saddam, North Korea, Russia, Democrats, Republicans, Mass Media, Satan and many more things as being our biggest enemy. By biggest enemy I mean the thing we are fighting against in both military, beliefs and ways of life. Who is that enemy?

In church growing up I was told to watch out for the devil and his minions. But, is that really our biggest enemy? Is that really who our biggest fight is against? I would say No.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves. For me, many times I go after what I want and not what is good for me or what I need. I may want the very thing that is going to kill me. For smokers that is the exact truth. They want to smoke. It is bad for them and a constant struggle if someone wants to stop. But, they are doing it to themselves. They are making the decision to smoke. To blame the cigarette company for putting them out doesn't take into account that smokers are the ones who by and smoke them. Blaming someone else is just not taking responsibility for your actions.

It's the same thing with Satan/Devil. He can lead someone to water but they have to choose to drink. The church calls this our sinful nature.

When it comes to mass media the same thing applies. The kid downloads porn or watches it on tv because he wants to, then when he has a degraded view of women it is based on his own poor decisions.

When it comes to society things such as war, religion, etc all this is happening is that mob mentality is being put our desires. People sign up with groups that feed what they want and go after it. A mob mentality to what I want. What does the group want. Not, what is best for the group but what it wants.

An example would be in the signs of a colapsing society. There are many factors that weighed in on the societies of the past failing. Most of these same factors can be attributed to our wants and not what is good for us. And these things are once again poping up in society. Even though we know they have lead down the path to the downfall of a society many many times we still pursue them becuase we want them.

So, our biggest enemy is ourselves. For many it's a constant struggles, for others they have signed off as a loss and given in. No one ever wins this struggle because it faces us our entire lives. How do we fight this struggle? Many people have their own way, but for me it's the man upstairs (the GOD). Whatever someones way of fighting this struggle is, we still need to fight it for our sakes and for the sakes of those we care about around us.


  • Dude, your spelling isn't too great, but you've got the Right Idea. God be with you,

    -pete from UK, married to a michigander :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:22 AM  

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