The Ramblings of the Millahtime Man

Monday, November 08, 2004

Leader not a follower

I have a buddy of mine who has a simple principle that he goes by. He says "I am a Leader, not a follower." He does not care what everyone around him says. In many ways this is how the US is and should be.

Many out spoken people around the world bash the US for not doing things their way. I can understand if they don't like how we do things but we are a leader not a follower.

There have been many people in the music industry or the movie industry to bash the way the US does things because we aren't making the rest of the world happy. The music industry and movie industry is filled with people who want to be the center of attention and liked by all. This is the mentality of many, especially those out spoken ones about this. They want to be liked by all, but sometimes making the right decision isn't the popular one. This is where their character failing is with leading.

As far as the rest of the world, over 1 billion in Indian and over 1 billion in China. How many of then know or care what the US is doing here and abroad? (they are 1/3 of the world population) How about Africa? How many of them even have a clue as to what the US is doing?

There are many out spoken people around the world who may not like the US way of doing things but they are not a majority. The loud few are herd over the murmer of the croud.

Not saying the US is perfect but neither are the critics. The US is a leader, not a follower.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Most Exercised US Right

In the US we have many rights. Many we take for granted, but what is the most exercised right.

We have the right to succeed. We have the right to fail and even fall flat on our faces. We have the right to vote. We have the right to screw up that vote. We have so many rights all based on our freedom.

The most exercised right I would say is the right to be stupid. How often to people make stupid decisions. When I was in college that was obviously the most practiced right. Florida elections, show us that people do things in not such a bright way. There are so many ways to exercise that right.

When it comes to fixing something we did wrong because we exercised that right well, that is a privilege. We have the right to be stupid, but fixing the mistakes we made in exercising that right is not a right itself. I have the right to tell someone off, they give me the privilege of hearing my apology. Not everything is a right. But, the most practiced right is being stupid. But, correcting the repercussions of that right most of the time is a privilege.