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Monday, August 08, 2005

Intelligent Design - Not just a religious thing.

After the recent comment by President Bush in regards to intelligent design the debate has begun on whether it should be taught in schools and if intelligent design is just a religious thing. These two topics are directly tied together as public schools do not teach religion.

Is intelligent design just a religious thing? What could cause intelligent design? A higher diety, such as a god, could be the designer. Also, lets look at designers that are not so obvious. A more advanced civilization could be the designer. One that is not on this planet, is not obvious to us on the planet or one that is no longer around. Currently, we are in the early stages of cloning and we already perform gene splicing on plants. We also design intelligent systems with machines and computers. Could there be a point where we as a society have enough knowledege and skill to be intelligent designers of our own. What about in 1,000 or 10,000 years of continued growth of knowledge?

So, is intelligent design just a religious thing? No. There are other sources of intelligent design besides a god.

Next comes the question of whether it should be taught in schools. This is a tough question because there is only so much that can be taught in schools as there is just a limited amount of time. Here are some reasons it should not be taught in school:

1) Intelligent design has many ties to religion which is not taught in schools.

2) There is already so much students are being taught and they should not be taught more.

Both of these are arguments I have herd. I am sure there are others but they have not been presented to me, yet. As a rebuttle to these, just because something has ties to religion doesn't mean it should not be taught and students have time to learn more as US schools at least do not tend to even teach as much as other school systems.

What about reasons it should be taught? Here are a few:

1) Evolution has not been proven and we often take that for granted. Intelligent design is the current alternative with the most clout. Teaching multiple options can cause us to question things and dig into the facts more than just teaching one option which many will just take as fact.

2) Intelligent design does make sense and there is quite a bit of factual data to support it. Whether you agree with it or not, the information supports it as a theory.

3) There are scientists behind it. So often I have herd stats that 99% of scientists are behind evolution. Then in college I met a stats professor who said, "Give me the answer and I'll give you the statistics to support it." I, also, met some scientists in the physiology department at college. They all believed in intelligent design because from their scientific experience it made sense, in their expert opinion.

Intelligent design should be taught in schools without mentioning religion. To not teach this shows a biast to one option without consideration of alternative. To not teach multiple options shows just how closed minded we can be.

Well, that's where I stand today. Anyone care to change my mind, please give it a shot.