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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Evolution or ID?

Wow, I am amazed at how many people posted comments on Intelligent Design. Here is something to think about with the science behind evolution and just science in general. I'm not asking anyone to agree with me but to honestly think about it.

A question I have asked myself is, how much of the evolution push is due to the science or the way it is integrated through society?

Kids are taught this young but teachers. How much do middle school and high school teachers really know about these things? Are they highly educated people on this topic? Of course not. High school and middle school teachers are rarely experts in any specific field. They are going off the science books they have.

Kids are also taught at a young age. How many people actually question evolution, look into it, and find what it really says? Most of the people I know go by the little they were taught when they were kids. They don't really know much about it, just that they are supposed to believe it and so they do. This is as bad as Christians who do the same with their religion. They were taught something when they were young but don't know much since then and have little idea what it really says.

So, you end up with a lot of people who were taught something when they were kids that they stand behind with little real knowledge and understand on it. When they were taught was by a teacher who didn't really know much about it except what was in the text book back when they were kids. Evolutionary theory has changed since then (if you have been out of school for a bit).

I also have asked myself the question, how much of "modern science" is true science and how much is scientists philosophizing based on that information?

Back in the day, hundreds of years ago there were scientists and philosophers. I am talking hundreds of years ago and long before our times. Back then there were scientists who did the science work. Most didn't try to put meaning behind it. There were philosophers to put meaning behind it. What ever that meaning would be.

Today things work a little bit different. Scientists today are the combination of scientists from the past and philosophers from the past. They take their work and try to find meaning behind it. They take the info they find and come up with grand schemes of what it could mean rather than just what it is.

I recently read an interesting statistic that said that 50% of all scientific papers these days are not true.

Not too long ago a friend of mine brought up the medias role in this. What is that role?

The media presents science info to the world. Well, when something is found out to be wrong does the media show that. If you do the research the answer is typically not. If a scientist finds something "big" then he touts his mouth off and the media bites and publishes. If he is proven wrong then he keeps his mouth pretty quiet and the media typically doesn't bite. This leaves the general reader the impression it's still true.

In Summary

I have studied creation, intelligent design, and evolution. I have books on them from many points of view. I have studied the science, how it works, what people have said, and so much more. After all of this I don't believe in evolution from a purely scientific point of view. You may not agree with my conclusion but please respect my opinion.

So, how much of your belief is on faith or real knowledge about it?